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Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Delicious Thanksgiving Dishes, Sides, and Desserts

Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Delicious Thanksgiving Dishes, Sides, and Desserts

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Thanksgiving should be a time of unity and love among friends and family. Unfortunately, with all the planning and preparation that goes into making the perfect holiday meal, the holiday can sometimes be more about stress and anxiety. Hopefully, these tips from us at Timberline Court will help ease your focus just a tiny bit.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Are you inviting loved ones for your Thanksgiving get-together? Ensure that your home is all set for guests with a cozy atmosphere. Clean up, allow guests to sit in your living space after the meal, and get things smelling nice with some helpful scented candles or incense. Fall colors make for excellent seasonal decoration and will last you through the winter. Think red, orange, and brown — and get creative! When was the last time you saw someone busting out a cornucopia for their Thanksgiving? There are tons of apartment fall trends for you, so why not give it a real go this year?

Mouthwatering Dishes You Have to Try

While you can never go wrong with turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes, here are some fun dishes you can add to your Thanksgiving meal plans. Sweet potatoes are a great, vegan-friendly ingredient to incorporate at your Thanksgiving. This sweet potato dish with lemons, seeds, and nuts will make for an excellent Thanksgiving dish. Another fun dish we had to mention is this roasted acorn squash, which will make a perfect addition to your table.

We Hope These Thanksgiving Dishes Will Impress Your Guests

While prepping your home and cooking a meal for many guests can seem scary, we hope these Thanksgiving side suggestions are at least a little helpful. At least afterward, you can take a nice walk-through Legion Park to work off some of the carbs and pies you inhaled. Best of luck to you this Thanksgiving!

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