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Timberline Court

Completing Your Summer Bucket List at Timberline Court

Completing Your Summer Bucket List at Timberline Court

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Isn't there something about summer that rejuvenates our energy? Now that the warm weather and sunny days are back, you'll no doubt be seeking enjoyable summer activities and things to do. In addition to sunbathing, wearing adorable sundresses, and letting the sand between your toes, there are several exciting activities to check off your summer bucket list.

Gather Seashells

Take the kids to the beach and let them pick seashells while they stroll along the shore. This encourages creativity, stimulating conversation, and the creation of some cherished home d├ęcor for the youngsters.

Plant A Time Capsule

Gather any items you want to keep as a reminder for the future, such as photos, letters, clothes, etc. Put these things in a durable metal container, then bury them in a designated area around your apartment living. Choose the year you want to discover the object and mark the location with a tiny flag.

Take Part in A Color Run

The best time to get in shape is during the summer. The Color Run is a 5K run filled with color and joy. You may check out many different themed 5K races across the nation. The Couch to 5K program is a fantastic starting point and keeps your summer fun.

Vacation For the Summer

There are not many instances in life where you can journey for several weeks or even months and discover new places; hence it's best to get to packing for summer vacations. There is a degree of openness for your summer vacation for minimal road trips.


Summertime is the ideal time to go ziplining. It's entertaining, raises your heart rate, and frequently involves sightseeing. At a safari park, fly over enormous quantities of water, cliffs, and forests.>/p>

Having a summer bucket list will help you get the best out of your summertime with ease cause of pre-planning. It is the best way to enjoy your summer period with your friends and have many activities to indulge in.

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