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Five Easy Recipes for a Delicious Picnic this Spring Season

Five Easy Recipes for a Delicious Picnic this Spring Season

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This season provides fantastic weather for outdoor activities such as picnics with family and friends. This season you get the opportunity to try new spring season recipes at your Timberline Court kitchen. Below are five recipes for your picnic ideas.

Easy Recipes to try in Your Kitchen

1. Thai Fried Rice

This is one of the easy recipes that use your leftover rice. Fry the rice to keep it fresh and tasty. You can add chicken pieces or shrimp to complete to complement the rice.

2. Garlicky Roasted Cauliflower Pasta

Add more vegetables to your diet by stirring cauliflower into your pasta. Adding garlic adds flavor to the dish.

3. Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp

Shrimp is already tasty, but you can still take it p a notch. Cook your shrimp in garlic and let the flavor penetrate deep. Squeeze some lemon at the end to add a citric kick.

4. Air Fryer Pork Chops

You should include an air fryer in your kitchen appliance must-haves. It's an easy way to cook your pork chops without deep-frying.

5. Rainbow kale salad

Add a carrot ginger dressing to the pot and mix evenly. Toss the kale but don't overcook to result in hearty veggies with vibrant coloring.


Enjoying the Weather Outdoors

Timberline Court is poised in a peaceful neighborhood. There are numerous parks in the area, such as Paine Field Community Park. It is a lovely park with swings and jungle gyms where children can play as they enjoy their food.

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Picnic

Once you have cooked your perfect picnic dish, it's time to hit the road. Pack your food and utensils in your picnic basket to keep everything in order and avoid making a mess. The baskets come in handy when managing your waste to prevent littering your favorite park.

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