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Timberline Court
3 Activities Perfect for Couples in Timberline Court Apartments

3 Activities Perfect for Couples in Timberline Court Apartments

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Looking for something different and exciting to fill your time? Whether you want to stay indoors at your Timberline Court apartment or venture outside, there are plenty of Everett activities for couples to enjoy. Check out our selections below for some great ideas.


Fun Things to Do at Home to Celebrate the Month

Time indoors with your partner makes for great memories. Turn the electronics off and go back to the past to reminisce with these great couple activities:

  • Dig through the drawers to find all of those old games you used to play. A couples board game night will ensure loads of fun and frivolity.
  • Find that old romance movie you have been promising yourself you would watch again. Put it on and try to remember all the lines.
  • Reminisce over all the photographs you have taken together. Remember those favorite trips and start to make plans for the next great adventure.


Activities Near You

If the walls are starting to close in, it is time to venture outside. Catch up with friends or enjoy each other's company.

  • Spend the evening at the Diamond Knot Brewery and Alehouse. Learn about the history of the building, dating back to when it used to be a bus garage for the local transit company.
  • If you are looking to get out of town for a short while, consider hiking through the Big Gulch Park. Make sure you have suitable footwear to cover all kinds of conditions.
  • Spend your Sunday at the Everett Farmers Market. Live music will help keep your feet tapping as you stroll through, picking up some healthy food options for the week.


Entertainment for Two in Everett

Finding time for just the two of you is always a great idea. It is great to hang out with friends, but time spent together will strengthen the foundations of your relationship. Don't forget the nearby restaurants for an intimate dinner!

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